Infant Developmental Movement Education

This is a specialised training to work with infants and their carers. It requires the four developmental courses of the SME program.

Program aims

This program is a highly sophisticated and subtle approach to the observation and facilitation of normal movement patterns in infants. It trains people to recognise early movement patterns and to interact effectively with infants in ways that will have a positive effect on their growth and development. The goal in movement education with infants is to help set a foundation that supports pathways of ease, strength, agility and adaptability and to help avoid restrictive patterns of movement that inhibit the development of the full potential of the child.

This program is designed to train people to evaluate and facilitate normal development in infants. For further information download the program information attachment

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the approach is gentle and non-invasive, specific to the individual child and parent/care giver. It incorporates the child’s curiosity, interest and inclinations into the relationship with the educator. It is child centred and relationship centred, and child oriented rather than task oriented.  The IDME practice may seek to engage the child’s inherent curiosity and interest, embracing the whole child and their parents and family. It includes and informs the family in the interactive process.

This program is especially suited for people who work with infants and wish to enhance their skills; for bodyworkers and somatic practitioners who wish to include infants; and for parents and caregivers to discover more about infant development and maturation. We also welcome people who are interested in movement education and development or people working in allied health or social care with people with profound learning disability for example.


The IDME 1 and 2 courses are open only to those who have completed the 4 developmental courses from the SME program:

Besides the four basic developmental courses students will take two additional courses focusing on applications of these principles with infants:

IDME 1 (A-B) Two five day blocks, fundamentals in working with infants, these blocks take place usually one month apart.

IDME 2 Two five day blocks (10 days with 2 days off between) of further study, practical application and observation of infants, and personal project sharing.

With more than 280 hours, the completion of this program and all homework requirements students become a certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator with The School for Body-Mind Centering®.

The homework assignment pack and guidance can be requested.

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“I got so much from the session, I feel more confident and at ease with myself as a first time mum! I see what more I can do with my baby, you have inspired me.”

IDME mums and babies

“Thanks for welcoming us today. It was lovely to hear about the BMC approach and I have learned so much from the session.”

IDME mums and babies


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