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The Practitioner program is open for graduates of the Somatic Movement Education program. It is a further two years of BMC study deepening and integrating the work for application to somatic movement therapy contexts. It offers an advanced training and requires homework and application of the methods in exploration and self study. For any inquiries or further information do contact us.

Continuing on from the previous SME-programs this program builds on the SMEfoundations. The principles and themes cover: deepening personal embodiment, achieving greater subtlety in touch and repatterning skills, addressing psychophysical aspects, assessing clients, learning therapeutic approaches and developing skills as a professional. Graduates are qualified to deliver the work in therapeutic as well as educational contexts.

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“Enlivening, awakening, engaging, disorienting, painful, inspiring. Identifying an ancient injury as a held flexion was very clear for me and gives me an understanding of how to work with it using my whole body, in the future so having support in moments of physical difficulty was helpful.”

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