Body-Mind Centering

Embody Move is the license holder
for the School for Body-Mind Centering®
training programs in the UK

Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered

service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Embody-Move was founded in 2008 and has the license to deliver the Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Education (SME) certification program in the UK.

The Somatic Movement Education (SME) program runs over 2 years but you can take longer to accumulate the modules, and the BMC practitioner program takes another two years.

The integration of BMC somatic movement education in Touchdown Dance projects


Do I have to start with the first course?
It is possible to start with any course at any point in the cycle.

Can I take one course and not the whole program?
All the body systems and developmental movement courses in years 1 and 2 may be taken as individual courses. They can also be taken in any order in the cycle.


The School for Body-Mind Centering was founded by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in 1976 in New York City USA. In the past ten years there has been an expansion in program delivery and training programs are now licensed in Europe, Canada, Eastern Europe and South America.

Body-Mind Centering (BMC), integrates two key aspects in its approach to human development; movement re-education and hands-on touch and re-patterning methods. The approach is an experiential study of the body systems including embodied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology within the context of human development.


There are many underlying principles to cover as we explore each body system and the application of this understanding to embodied movement practice. Experiential anatomy involves a wide range of dynamic approaches and physical activities as well as more quiet meditative practices.

The underlying premise is that we learn from our personal process and that this becomes an informed and insightful starting point for our work with others. The journey we take leads to greater awareness and deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings. It helps us to understand how the mind is expressed through the body, and the body through the mind.


Our Programs


This program explores the richness of the inter-relationships between body, mind, movement and touch, it includes the experiential study of all the body systems and human developmental movement processes.


Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, this program is a highly sophisticated and subtle approach to supporting infant development.


The Practitioner program is open for graduates of the Somatic Movement Education program. It is a further two years of BMC study deepening and integrating the work for application to somatic movement therapy contexts.


The SME course is taking place in Warsaw. Contact us for details.

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          Meet Our Teachers

          All our courses are taught by certified teachers in Body-Mind Centering. We may have other BMC teachers to those below delivering the courses,
          as we are a growing profession and many of us have specialisms. We welcome BMC graduates as class room assistants (SME/Practitioner) and teaching assistants who undertaking the teacher training.

          Katy Dymoke

          Program Director, Teacher and Practitioner in Body-Mind Centering®

          Katy has been teaching BMC in the UK since 1997 and on other European programs. She integrated BMC into her practice as a Dance…

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          Anne-Marie Zulkahari

          Dancer, Movement-teacher and Therapist

          ‘I was drawn to Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) with the desire to learn more about developmental movement due to my personal experiences with my own children.

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          Janet Amato

          Dancer, Choreographer & Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® & Infance Developemental Movement Education

          Janet is an established dancer, choreographer, and certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and IDME. She also has a diploma in Pilates and Reiki.

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          Satu Palokangas

          Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®

          Satu first came across Body-Mind Centering® while studying contemporary dance and improvisation in the UK and Netherlands in early 1990’s.

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          Anne Garrigues

          Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and Professional Dancer

          Based near Grenoble in France, Anne has been teaching dance and improvisation for 25 years, in professional, amateur, and educational settings including children…

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          Karin Fisher Potisk

          BMC Teacher and Infant Developmental Movement Educator

          Karin was born in Austria and studied at the Mozarteum Academy, where she gained a Teaching Diploma in Clarinet. She subsequently graduated from the London…

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          Andromeda Graziano

          Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®

          Trained as a classical dancer at the Royal Ballet School and Merle Park Studios she graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (Hons) in Dance & Drama.
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          Marina Tsartsara

          Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®

          Marina supports Embody-Move with administrative duties. She is a Dance & Visual Artist (MSc), a certified Chinese Acupressure Massage Therapist (TCM London)
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          Mark Rietema

          Trainee Psychotherapist, BMC practitioner and Mental Health Social Worker

          Mark Rietema has been moving, dancing and exploring the body through martial arts, contact improvisation and other dance forms before he found and focused on Body-Mind Centering™.
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          Angus McLean Balbernie


          Angus McLean Balbernie has created around 85 pieces and taught all over the world, including for many years at EDDC/artEZ Arnhem, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dartington

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          Sophie Centenero

          Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®

          Sophie Centenero is a teacher of the school of Body-Mind Centering®. Her experience as a nurse, dancer and artist’s coach has given her a deep understanding of the human form.

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