Somatic Movement Education (SME) – Poland

These courses are residential.

Crazy bones offers accommodation with meals included for 200 Zloty a day for a double or quadruple room or 170 Zloty for camping. This is about £40 a day or £33.50 for camping.

Due to the difference in economic status, Polish nationals resident in Poland are eligible for a 20% discount. To attain this please send a copy of your ID card or other ID. If you qualify we can allocate this discount and you pay the balance.

For Nervous system, £690-138 = £552
Endocrine, £490 – £98 = £392

We also offer payment by installments. Please let us know when you contact us or register on this website.

This program explores the richness of the inter-relationships between body, mind, movement and touch in an experiential study of all the body systems and human developmental movement processes.

Throughout the training you will learn to layer and interweave of core principles that underlie and establish the richness of embodied practices including guided explorations, partnering exchanges and facilitation skills involving movement or hands-on techniques.  These skills inform and deepen self-awareness and relational aspects in daily life.

Serving both personal and professional development needs it can be directly applied to health, education and arts contexts.  It compliments and enhances other movement based disciplines — such as dance, yoga, sports, martial arts – and compliments other somatic movement therapeutic modalities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, bodywork and massage.

Providing over 500 hours of contact time, students who successfully complete the courses and homework requirements become a certified Somatic Movement Educator, with the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

The program includes 12 courses: 4 developmental courses, 7 courses on the body systems, 1 course about professional issues and a one day course of Competency.

Course timing and accreditation information

The Somatic Movement Education (SME) programme runs over two years but the courses can be taken individually or as part of the full accredited training. You can take the courses in your own time taking the ones you miss over further 2 year cycles.

You will need to complete all the courses and the homework to attain the SME certificate. You will then be able to register as a member of the Body Mind Centering Association and ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association USA).

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“Loved it! A great experience to absorb myself in the senses. It was well structured and held with such commitment and consciousness I was able to surrender to the flow of it. At the end of the course my balance had greatly improved and there was much more space internally. The sense of receiving physical support I realised my body had been yearning for. I noticed I had a high level in trust when trust was already built.”

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