BMC_12. Teaching skills (6 days) – Year 2021



Cost:  £570

Dates:  8th – 14th September 2021 (Days off: 11th, 15th)

Venue:  London, TBC


  • A Deposit of £50 is payable on booking.
  • A place on any course is not guaranteed until the deposit of £50 is paid. The balance of the course fee is due one month before the course start date to guarantee a place.
  • Courses are reduced by 5% if booked at least 2 months in advance.


This course focuses on applying BMC in teaching groups. BMC teachers share guidelines and their own teaching experience, while participants in the Practitioner Program practice teaching in small peer groups. The focus is on analysing how a class is designed and presented looking at such principles as;

  • how to deal with group dynamics;
  • how to teach from an embodied perspective;
  • how to read clues and feedback from the group while teaching and stay in dialogue with our students.
All course applicants should answer the Application Questions as set out here and submit via email or post to us.