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Our Programs

In the all the BMC programs we bring awareness to the major tissues and body systems through somatisation exercises, including movement, touch, vibration, sound and imagery. The experience of the inner tissues is brought to consciousness and taken into expression. As we experience different body-mind states and movement patterns we can open to changes and new possibilities within and around us. Whilst working on our-selves and others, we embody the anatomy and physiology of our physical structures. Exploring in this way is how we enter the BMC embodiment process.

A core text for the program is the book "Sensing Feeling and Action" by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, which you can purchase from the products page.

The nature of BMC study is fundamentally experiential, of the body, with and in the body, but the understanding of this experience through reflection, study, and research enables us to integrate the experience and take it into our professional and personal lives. The BMC learning process is contrary to the pedagogic environment of traditional educational systems in that it provides a holistic generous and humble learning environment.

Please note the first year courses of the SME are taking place at Edge Hill University. Dates for the Courses may change slightly as we are confirming space availability but we will update it as soon as we know.

  • Somatic Movement Education (SME)

    The Somatic Movement Education program continues a new cycle and dates for 2017- 2020 are confirmed. We have new exciting venues, in Edinburgh, the Roman city of Bath and a mountain lodge in Snowdonia, Wales.

  • Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME)

    This is a specialised training to work with infants and their carers. It requires the four developmental courses of the SME program.

  • Body-Mind Centering Practitioner Training

    The Practitioner program is open for graduates of the Somatic Movement Education program. It is a further two years of BMC study deepening and integrating the work for application to somatic movement therapy contexts.

  • Somatic Movement Education (SME) Poland

    The SME course is taking place in Warsaw with a hosting organisation called Fundacialose. Contact us for details.