Embody-Move was founded in 2008 and has the license to deliver the Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Education (SME) certifcation programme in the UK. From the course dates list you will see we also offer the Infant Developmental Movement Education program (IDME) and the Somatic Movement Therapy BMC® Practitioner program. We have also been running the program in Poland and if this is of interest please contact us for information.

The Somatic Movement Education (SME) programme runs over 2 years but you can take longer to accumulate the modules, and the BMC practitioner program takes another two years.

From the program list you will see that prior to taking the IDME 1 and 2 courses you need to take the 4 developmental courses which have both IDME and SME tags.

The BMC Practitioner programme is expected to run again from 2019. You will see ‘BMC’ on the button to book for these courses and you will need to have completed the SME program to register for theses courses.

Do I have to start with the first course? It is possible to start with any course at any point in the cycle.

Can I take one course and not the whole program? All the body systems and developmental movement courses in years 1 and 2 may be taken as individual courses, they can also be taken in any order in the cycle.
Please contact us through the contact us form or e mail; katy@embody-move.co.uk or registration enquiries embodymoveoffice@gmail.com

Our Programs

  • Somatic Movement Education (SME)

    The Somatic Movement Education program continues a new cycle and dates for 2017- 2020 are confirmed. We have new exciting venues, in Edinburgh, the Roman city of Bath and a mountain lodge in Snowdonia, Wales.

  • Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME)

    This is a specialised training to work with infants and their carers. It requires the four developmental courses of the SME program.

  • Body-Mind Centering Practitioner Training

    The Practitioner program is open for graduates of the Somatic Movement Education program. It is a further two years of BMC study deepening and integrating the work for application to somatic movement therapy contexts.

  • Somatic Movement Education (SME) Poland

    The SME course is taking place in Warsaw with a hosting organisation called Fundacialose. Contact us for details.

Upcoming Dates