SME_08. Nervous System (7 days) – Year 2021



Cost:  £665

Dates:  31st January –  7th Feb 2021 (Day off: 4th)

Thanet Youth and Community Centre
Herbert Street

POINT (-0.1542797 51.5490015)

Getting there:
Nearest tube is Chalk Farm or Bellsize Park or Kentish Town West overground train.

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Duration: 8 days


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Experience first occurs on the cellular level. The nervous system is the recording system of the body. It records our experiences and organizes them into patterns. It can then recall the experience and modify it by integrating it with patterns of other previous experiences.

The nervous system is the last to know, but, once knowing, it becomes a major control center of psychophysical processes. It can initiate the learning of new experience through creativity and play.The nervous system underlies alertness, thought, and precision of coordination and establishes the perceptual base from which we view and interact with our internal and external worlds.

This course will include:

  • Distinguishing experientially the organization of the nervous system: central/peripheral; somatic/autonomic; sensory/motor.
  • Differentiating and integrating from a psychophysical perspective the enteric nervous system of the gut, the parasympathetic and sympathetic pathways, and the somatic nerves.
  • Assessing and releasing blockages in the nerve pathways. (brain and spinal cord, autonomic nerves, major somatic and autonomic plexes and their peripheral pathways).
  • Understanding the principles of nerve reversals and methods of releasing them.
  • Exploring balance of the autonomic nervous system as a calm support for intentional movement.
  • How intentional movement provides the container of expression for autonomic movement.
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