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As a condition of our license all our BMC courses are taught by certified teachers in Body -Mind Centering who have completed the four year practitioner training and teacher training. We may have other BMC teachers to those below delivering the courses, as we are a growing profession and many of us have specialisms. We welcome BMC graduates as class room assistants (SME/Practitioner) and teaching assistants, (TA - those undertaking the teacher training).

Katy Dymoke program director, teacher and practitioner in Body-Mind Centering® from Manchester UK. Katy has been teaching BMC in the UK since 1997 and on other European programs. She integrated BMC into her practice as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist in the NHS where she was a specialist in touch and non-verbal methods in adult learning disability services for 9 years. Currently working with children and adults in education and health settings and in private practice. She has presented at conferences,and has published her writing on touch based working methodology and integrated dance. Katy is completing a PhD on the impact of touch in Movement Psychotherapy and BMC. Katy established the Body-Mind Centering certification programs in the UK and Poland, she believes in the innate intelligence of the body, and the application of BMC in therapeutic contexts and research. As a professional dancer and director of Touchdown Dance Katy creates dance theatre and film. Touchdown Dance is unique for integrating blind and sighted dancers in a professional touring and workshop company based in Contact Improvisation. Collaborating with musicians, actors and dancers for 30 years, she has been an advocate for integrated arts practice.A lover of the outdoors and physical activity she has a 3rd Dan in Jujitsu.

Jens Johannsen is a dancer and movement-teacher and therapist from Germany. Jens has explored the relationship of body and mind on personal, social and global levels. Jens studied theatre, dance, voice, ritual, humanistic and Buddhist psychology, yoga, meditation, body-therapy and others. He has performance experience since 1980 and has been teaching internationally since 1982. Jens is senior BMC® teacher, teaching in the School for Body-Mind Centering® since 1993. He directed the last European training at Chiemsee, Germany. For 15 years Jens has been leading his own BMC training groups that run from one to several years. He works with clients of all ages. He is interested especially in meditation in and through movement and has co-developed an application-program of BMC to alpine skiing. He integrates in-depth knowledge about the physical body to the embodiment process, with humour and the joy of expressive movement within a spiritually open approach.

Janet Amato is an established dancer, choreographer, and certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and IDME. She also has a diploma in Pilates and Reiki. Janet lives in Paris where she teaches and continues to research and practices as an independent dancer, producing creative performance projects. Her artistic development was influenced strongly by her collaborative and professional encounters with Jérôme Andrews, Solange Mignoton and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Since 2005 Janet has taught BMC in Germany, Italy and France and joins us in the UK since 2013.

Mari Mägi (Estonia) Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and Creative Arts Therapist with specialization in Dance Movement Therapy ( Tallinn University, MSc, 2013). Mari is interested in movement from its psycho-physical aspect; how inner experience, communication between people and outer space are meeting in movement, how this meeting influences our abilities and inside-outside communication. This interest has given her different opportunities as a dancer, performer, choreographer, director, movement awareness teacher and art therapist to experience movement from different angles. She has completed her studies as a Classical Ballet Dancer, Actor/Performer, Choreographer. Mari is a founder member of “Insightout Company”, This year she is teaching Body-Mind Centering in Tallinn University, and in BMC® programs in England and Germany, Continuing Education course in Dance Movement Therapy under Tallinn University. In Arts Therapy she has some experience with clients with brain damage, first psychosis and schizophrenia. Currently she works with Labyrinth Theater concept, where site specific, interactive and context oriented scenes are based on sense experiences.

Anne Garrigues (France) Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and professional dancer based near Grenoble in France. She has been teaching dance and improvisation for 25 years, in professional, amateur, and educational settings including children and teachers. Since 1991 I created divers dance pieces from performance to choreography. Currently Anne directs a group of non-professional dancers in an annual performance piece. Anne has applied BMC® to her dance practice for over 20 years, it nurtured the relationship of movement and the felt sense in my work. She became a practitioner in 2010 and teach BMC in France and Switzerland. Anne works with infant movement development with children including learning disabled children. She has taught in BMC programs since 2013. “I like to experiment, share with others and do movement research in the Laboratoire Corps e-mouvant et pensant E-motional and thinking bodies.”