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Infant Developmental Movement Education 1A

IDME 1A, 5 days, 35 contact hours

The IDME application courses develop on two levels: IDME 1 and IDME 2. The IDME 1 is offered in two separate module of 5 days each, 1A and 1B, we focus on the following aspects:

• Learning to apply the experience from the previous basic courses, through the embodiment process, and refining one’s ability to observe newborns and children during their first year of life;

• Understanding movement patterns and their processes of integration;

• Being able to recognise the child’s potentials and possible obstacles to their expression;

• Becoming skillful in handling infants in safe and appropriate ways, as well as interacting with them in playful way and with the use of toys for educational purposes;

• Dealing with professional issues in working with infants, and communicating with parents and caregivers;

• Being aware of indications, contraindications, scope of practice and referrals.

IDME 1A includes;

• Developmental assessment of children from birth to 12 months.

• Applications of developmental movement repatterning in working with infants.

• Safe and appropriate handling of infants.